CFPS-Plate™ CELLAMES Electrode Cell Chip


· Each of the 16 channels has a single transparent circular recording electrode with a radius of 250 μm and including
reference electrode patterned on the slide glass (26 mm x 100 mm).
· The transparent circular sensing electrodes can be separated into1, 2, 4, or 16 wells of polystyrene chamber
· The electrode patterned on ITO glass substrate.
· Convenient for optical microscope examination (Transparency ITO electrode materials)


· Non-destructive electrical analysis of cardiomyocyte cells
· Field potential measurement
· Cardiomyocyte cells cytotoxicity test

CFPS-32™ Field Potential Monitoring System


· The CELLAMES CFPS(Cell Field Potential Monitoring System) is developed for real-time and Non-destructive monitoring of cardiomyocyte electrical activities.
· It provides electrical cardiac cell characteristics related to cardiac cell population on the sensing area of each channel.


· Real-time and Non-destructive Monitoring
· Record of Cardiomyocyte contractile and electrical activities
· Capture activity at a high sampling rate
· Automated Measurement of Cell activity in 32 Channels
· Software for Easy Control and Data Output
· Cardiac safety or toxicity assessment

System configuration

· 32 Channel Measurement Station for Two CFPS-Plates
· Laptop PC
· S/W for Control, Data Acquisition, and Display
· Consumable CFPS-Plates
· User-Friendly Access using Type C – Cable

CFPS-32™ Software

The CFPS-32 SW analyzes and displays the data measured by the Real-time field potential measurement for cardiomyocyte Monitoring System CFPS-32 and presents it in user-friendly graphs for viewing.

· Easily monitoring and analyze the field potential of cardiomyocyte.
· Accurate waveform display with fast sampling rate and filtering.
· Get important indicators of cardiomyocyte activity. Beat Period, Spike Amplitude, Field Potential Duration.

· Triggering Mode

- You can check Beat rate and Spike in real time
When comparing the two waveforms, you can see that the red waveform measured at A1 has a longer Beat period and a smaller amplitude than the purple waveform measured at A3.
In S/W, you can check the parameters analyzed in each well as follows.


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