CIMS-Plate™ CELLAMES Electrode Cell Chip


· Each of the 8 channels has a single transparent circular sensing area
  with a radius of 250 μm patterned on the slide glass (25 mm x 75 mm).

· The transparent circular sensing electrodes can be separated into
  1, 2, 4, or 8 wells of polystyrene chamber which is removable from
  the electrode patterned glass substrate.

· The removable chamber is convenient for staining and microscopic  examination without cell transfer


· Monitoring of Cell Adhesion, Migration, Spreading
· Cellular Proliferation, Growth, or Differentiation
· Apoptosis, Necrosis
· Cytotoxic, Cytopathic effect
· Correlation with Microscopy

Model Growth Area/ Well (cm2) Working Volume/ Well (mL) Number of Well Electrode Type
Transparent CIMS-Plate CIMS-ITO-8W1A 0.98 0.20 ~ 0.60 8 Circular Disk Type

CIMS-16™ Cell Impedance Monitoring System


· The CELLAMES CIMS(Cell Impedance Monitoring System) is developed for real-time and non-destructive monitoring of cellular behaviors during various cell culture conditions.

· It provides cell indices related to cell population on the sensing area of each channel.


· Real-time and Non-destructive Cell Monitoring
· Recording Cell Indices under Incubator Conditions
· Automated Measurement of Cell Population in 16 Channels
· Software for Easy Control and Data Output
· Selective of Measurement Channel Choice and Time Interval
· Saving Data in CSV or XLS
· Cell Proliferation
· Cytotoxicity
· Immuno-Oncology

System configuration

· 16 Channel Measurement Station for Two CIMS-Plates
· Laptop PC
· S/W for Control, Data Acquisition, and Display
· Consumable CIMS-Plates
· User-Friendly Access using Type C – Cable
· Removable Chamber for Staining and Microscopic
· Examination Without Cell Transfer


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